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So I'm going to this advanced highschool thing called NUAMES (Northern Utah Academy of Math Engineering and Science) next year, and was wondering if anyone else does/has gone there, and if so, what did/do you think of it? I'll be going into 10th grade there next year, so if any of you are there, maybe it'd be fun to meet up too. If i'm the only one, then... *shrug* that's fine. I'm just curious. I'll be leaving @Ookla to go to [REDACTED] High School, which, don't get me wrong, sounds great too. He is the only sharder I know/have met irl.

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On 12/6/2018 at 9:18 AM, Shqueeves said:

I have friends who went to NUAMES. That said, while I think it is a decent school, you guys have a dissapointing VEX team

Ah, but do they have an FRC team? That's what counts : P

Sorry, the people I have virtually met on the shard are the only ones I know from Utah.

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