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Radiants and Psychological Disorders


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So, not really a theory or anything (though I guess it could be translated into one), but...

  • Dalinar has some symptoms that could link him to illusions of grandeur, bipolar disorders, and / or (megalo)mania
  • Kaladin has (seasonal) depression
  • Shallan is (self-) delusional
  • Jasnah has trust issues, a mild persecution complex, and is potentially a sociopath and / or paranoiac 
  • Lift suffers from at least one eating disorder
  • Renarin is on the autism spectrum
  • Ym miight have a minor form of OCD (but I agree, this one is a bit of a stretch)

There. It's out in the open now.


I am not being serious here.

Not entirely, at least.

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Well, a requierment for Surgebinding is a "broken soul" as in trauma, which in turn is very likely to cause a psychological Disorder. We don´t exactly know just where the tresshold for emotional trauma is for a snapping on Rhoshar but is seems that people who fit the criterias of the Spren are... more likely to have issues. Alternatively, more trauma causes largere fissures -> more investure can take place in the soul -> the Bond can be better developed -> the Sren cherry picked the first few KR as the ones where the Bond can be established the easiest, which leads to them choosing those that are messed up the most.

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I'm pretty ignorant about things like this, so may I ask what eating disorder Lift has and how we know she has one?

The food she digests gets turned immediately into Stormlight, so I didn't see any obvious "real world" eating disorder.

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No, anorexia and malnutrition are two different things.  Anorexia would mean that she's convinced that she's overweight, and constantly starves herself in order to lose it.  Lift has a healthy appetite from what we can see, she just ends up possibly getting malnourished because she's burning up all the excess fat in the conversion to Stormlight.

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I thought Lift was just converting too much food into stormlight and not leaving her enough calories to keep her body healthy.

Or it may be the transformation to stormlight only works on certain vitamins or elements. Eg rubies are corundum which is an aluminium oxide and some chromium. Much like vin was absorbing trace metals from cutlery Lift could be absorbing trace stormlight from tiny minerals.

I shouldn't think there would be enough stormlight gained through the second method to fuel her activities though so my money's on a straight energy conversion.

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