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Skyward: Nov 19, 2018 [Houston, TX] (Murder by the Book)


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Can't wait to see, hear, Brandon again! This will be my second tour, though I wish he would come closer to Dallas.

Books I'm probably going to bring are Steelheart and Firefight (got one of the pre-signed Calamity copies a couple years back) and I'm thinking of getting Legion while there so two new books at once for me.

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Questions I asked.

We know that Hoid was offered a shard and turned it down. Was he offered a specific shard?
-Yes, he was.
Would he have been the 17th person or did someone take his place?
-Someone took his place.

In Secret History, outside of Fadrex city, Kelsier was in the cognitive still and Hoid was back in the physical. Kelsier touched Hoid and got hurt, how did this happen? Was it intentional?

Previously you were asked if Hoid could have been using the Lerasium to alloy with other metals to change his spirit web, and you answered it was technically possible. Does that mean you’re finally admitting that Hoid did not digest the bead?
-It does not mean I am admitting that.

If a person had the powers of Mistborn and other powers, say Surges...could they use Duralumin to get a burst in their Surge?
-Yes this is possible.

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Didn't ask any questions but I did do the picture


And my personalized Skyward


Also had him sign Steelheart and Firefight (already own a presigned Calamity). Was also going to have him sign Legion but when I got back to the hotel after picking up my copy of Skyward and Legion I discovered Murder gave me a presigned one so that was done.

Not sure if I'll come back if Starsight tour comes here just to have a break from being a sardine. Definitely will come back for Stormlight 4, especially if it's at a different venue. Still hoping he does Dallas area for a future book.

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