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Twitter's recent profile page redesign reminded me of something I wanted to do a while back but kind of forgot about. Most, if not all, social media websites allow you to customize your profile with a theme, and I think it's about time we created some avatars, backgrounds, and banners to show some fandom pride. I am thinking we can use abstract images, drawings and paintings from books and covers, as well as quotes. 


Before we do that, however, it would be useful to figure out the ideal dimensions of the different sites' customization options. I'll start with Twitter because it's fresh in my mind and I don't have much time for research now, but I'd like to add the rest as well.



  • Avatar: 400x400 px
  • Header photo: 1500x500 px


  • Avatar: (any square?)
  • Timeline cover: ???


  • Can we do anything less than a full theme?


  • Avatar: (any square?)
  • Cover photo: ???

17S Forums

  • Avatars
  • Signature banners?
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