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Hey, thanks for the welcome! 

9 hours ago, goody153 said:

Are you by chance named Elend and your wife Vin ?

No, but Elend is one of my favorite characters. My wife and I can definitely relate to our respective characters.

I'm sarcastic, laid back, and a tad insecure, but a passionate idealist. Sound familiar? :)

Favorite characters...Well, Elend for sure. Kaladin too, for similar reasons, and Dalinar. 
Least favorite...Tyndwyl. She's kind of arrogant and she's mean to my Elend :angry: I have mixed feeling about Jasnah. She's pretty boss, and very smart, but she gets on my nerves sometimes.
Favorite books...used to be mistborn trilogy, but I've been starting to lean more toward Stormlight Archive as that has been getting progressively more awesome. My wife is a solid Stormlight fan. I will say that I prefer his fantasy works, as opposed to say the Reckoners series (which is good, but not Stormlight good).

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