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WoR Prologue - Jesnah, Liss, Szeth.


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Forgive me if this has been tossed around, but my wife just finished the book so I was able to talk freely with her (she hates it when I accidentally gives something away, I asked her to see if she could spot Vasher and she about took my head off) .  But we hashed this out a little and it makes sense to me, at least.


Anyway, Jesnah.    In the prologue, she ponders on hiring all the assassins she could as a 'precaution' against anyone else hiring them.   One of them is Liss, who obviously had (and presumably sold) Szeth's oathstone. 


Does this make Jesnah accountable, directly or indirectly, for the murder of her father and Szeth's oathstone falling into Parshendi hands?  If Jesnah didn't keep Liss around it's probable that Szeth would not have been put in the exact position he needed to be to kill the king, then eventually fall into Taravangian's hands.  


There is some speculation that Liss is a Herald.


 Paperhouse thinks she's Vedeledev but I'm leaning towards Paliah.   I believe the "Divine Attributes" have been perverted, either eroded by time, madness, or intentionally.  Paliah was "Learned and Giving", and I can see how these Divine Attribute being perverted would fit into what we know about her.


If Liss *IS* a Herald, she was manipulating even Jasnah, which is no small feat.  If she has a blade, it would most likely be an honorblade.   I'm not sure if a herald picking up a blade of a dead Spren would cause the screaming, but I would guess that they would avoid them like the plague.   Remember, Shardblades came about after they deserted, and it was the Spren themselves who imitated the blades.


I also think Jesnah has visited the Nightwatcher, but I'll post that theory when I have finished the research on it.    

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I don't think that Jasnah is accountable at all. 


"Oh, you mean that other one. No, Brightness, I sold that one to a slaver a few weeks ago." Liss grimaced.


That alone puts the timetable to where Jasnah's interactions with Liss wouldn't put Szeth in a convenient spot. I'm also not sure about the Herald part either. If she was a herald, details seem to suggest she would know exactly who and what Szeth was. Nalan and the other herald seemed to have intimate knowledge of what was going on that night. 



"I don't like this. What we've done was wrong. That creature carries my lord's own Blade. We shouldn't have let him keep it. He--"

Right there suggests that Nalan had something to do with Szeth and where he is. If Liss was a herald, then she wouldn't have gotten rid of Szeth to a slaver (I will concede she could be lying and could have given Szeth over to Nalan if she was a herald, but she does seem to be shaken at how obedient he is, which Szeth mentions is what normally happens after a short time being with a new owner.)


Also, unless Liss was the herald who went back to receive her blade, (Or King T wasn't lying about another one missing) then Liss would not have an honorblade, as they are all accounted for. 7 in Shinovar, 1 with Szeth, 1 with a Herald, and 1 with Taln. This would mean she has an ordinary shardblade.


I also think that if Jasnah hadn't contracted Liss, there isn't enough evidence to suggest she wouldn't be around. She's an assassin, and Alethi highprinces seem to be more disposed towards utilizing her abilities than what I've learned of the other kingdoms. 


Also, here's a thread where I postulated that she's either seen the Nightwatcher, or knows Dalinar had visited. 


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"Oh, you mean that other one. No, Brightness, I sold that one to a slaver a few weeks ago." Liss grimaced.


We have no idea which slaver it was sold too.   The Parshendi had not decided to kill the King until that night, when Dalinar had shared 'his plans' with them.   We don't know how the stone got from the slaver, to the Parshendi.    Again, this is a theory, but the Parshendi knew what the oathstone was, I think Liss knew where the slaver was headed, and knew the Parshendi would get ahold of it.   A lot of speculation, I know.  But there are no coincidences.

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Only there are coincidences. I find it odd that the Parshendi were in possession of Szeth's Oathstone in the first place, but not necessarily for the same reasons you do. I think you need far too many pieces to be in place for this theory to work - an implausible amount, in fact. It's like arguing that the Parshendi knew that they had to abandon Szeth, so that his stone would be picked by the series of people it did, so that Taravangian's agent would be able to find him, so that Szeth would find himself "employed" by the king of Kharbranth, so that he would send him to assassinate Dalinar, the one man who was most likely to pursue vengeance for the murder of his brother. Possible? Everything is possible. Plausible? Not so much...

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