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Ten books, ten orders planned for Stormlight?

Willshaper Wallar

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Hey, I'm a new member. Willshaper Wallar. Name is from Madman Wallar from Bloodborne. I made an account because I've been dying to ask this question.

So, we were told that there's going to be a book dedicated to each order of the Knights Radiant, right? 

Kaladin/Windrunners, Shallan/Lightweavers, Dalinar/Bondsmiths, Szeth/Skybreakers, etc.

Well, we know that Ash, Patron of Lightweavers, will have a book focused on her viewpoints and whatnot. That just seems a little weird, since that means there will be two books focused on Lightweavers. What are your thoughts? 

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Yes definitely. Only based on what we know of course. Resolute and Builder as the attributes seem the most similar to who I am. Plus I would totally be okay with the murder of Sadeas so there's that. If not Willshaper, it would probably be Truthwatcher. I'm eventually going to get a tattoo for one of the two but am waiting until more about the orders are revealed. So in like 4916686389 years. 

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