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[OB] Cosmere Timeline question

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the Ars Arcanum at the end of OB talked about the way investiture was being commercialized on Scadrial just wondering which version of scadrial that is in reference to? does SLA take place during scadrials space opera time period or are we talking the early 80s beginning of their computer age.


Also slightly related question what period does it seem that Sazed was writing to Hoid? which of his emissaries are we talking human or kandraa

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If Im not mistaken the first half of Stormlight is supposed to be contemporaneous to the Wax&Wayne timeline.  Specifically I recall seeing it said that when Hoid left and returned at the end of WoR, he was coming back from Scadrial.  My guess (based on that) is that Sazed was referencing how Hoid gave Wax that medallion.  I couldnt swear that it's confirmed though.   

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