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Hoid in Warbreaker question


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When hoid is telling the stories to Siri in warbreaker, Who is hoid referring to and what land is he talking about. Is this something we know? 

This is where i am at in this book so if it requires spoilers to warbreaker to explain just tell me to RAFO 


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48 minutes ago, John203 said:

Short answer: We dont know.

Long answer: Probably Yolen.

I would go with Yolen as well. While the Liar of Partinel chapters Are now quite old, the master-pupil relationship Hoid has with his master seems a key focus

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Nope, it's definitely Yolen.



Does the sand storytelling Hoid uses in Warbreaker have anything to do with your future possible trilogy "White Sand" written about in a recent blog?

Brandon Sanderson

No, it does not. This is a storytelling method that Hoid developed on his own. It does have a relationship to The Liar of Partinel.


One other thing Hoid brings up is lands that meet and gods that have died. Both of these describe Yolen

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