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Similarity between Parshendi and Returned


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Parshendi: When a parshman binds with a spren, his/her form changes, determined by the type of spren they bind to (becoming Parshendi).

Also, if the system on Roshar is consistent for native life (assuming Parshendi are native), pupation of native animals during highstorms could be similar to Parshendi form changes.  The pupating animal may attract different or additional spren during highstorms, the chrysalis being the protection from the storm itself.
Returned:  A newly deceased person receives a small portion of Endowment (ie a large "breath"), and their forms change to an "ideal" form (becoming Returned).
These are different magic systems, but they appear to behave similarly.  
Maybe if Endowment were splintered, there would be an entity (like spren, seons, etc) that would attach to newly deceased folks who attracted them, to become Returned...
Taking this further, one could consider awakened objects as being "spren-like".  If spren are ideas given investiture, commands given form (breath into object) could be looked at similarly.   (Idea stems from thinking of how Nightblood and Spren-blade could be similar). 
This may have been discussed before.  My search skills may be poor.
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I don't know if the similarities between Parshendi and Returned have been tossed about before. I guess in some way they are related/similar because Returned are powered by a Divine Breath of Endowment, which is a splinter of Endowment. Spren are splinters of a Shard (usually honor/cultivation, though the Stormspren don't seem to be Honor/Cultivation based). 


we have a WoB from the SF signing that says that Nightblood = Shardblade, "they are the same thing" per that answer. So Nightblood is a splinter of Endowment as well. That indicates that other awakenings mimic the splinter aspect of investiture. 

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