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Hey y'all, new to the forums, new-ish to the cosmere. I've read Warbreaker, Elantris, The MB trilogy (not the other stuff), and the 3 stormlight books. I started making connections on my re-read thru WoK and WoR prior to Oathbringer's drop. I'm all done with that and ready to dive in, idgaf about spoilers for the rest of the stuff I haven't read yet.

I was pretty big into the song of ice and fire and Kingkiller theories/rumors, so hoping the cosmere will fill the void that s been created from waiting too damnation long! Would welcome any suggestions for where to start!

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Thank you so much for not being a robot. 

Welcome to the Shard! You should post here (it's fun, I promise):

If you want intellectually stimulating stuff, you could read through the theories section or the subforums for books, or hop on our collection of everything Brandon has ever said, the Arcanum! You could spend hours reading WOBs. 


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Welcome to the Shard! Others have already listed some great places on the forums to visit so I have nothing to add there. If you are looking for some more fantasy series to read in the meantime I would recommend the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, the Gentleman B*stards series by Scott Lynch and the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (completed posthumously by Brandon Sanderson himself).

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