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Minor bug related to article comments


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I just noticed a small bug. On the home page and the pages for the various articles, you can see the number of comments posted in response to said articles. Except that number is wrong. It's showing the number of comments plus the number of forum posts made in response to related threads.

For example, right now the article about staff promotions is listing one comment. But no comments have been made. One forum post has been made in this thread though.

Similarly, the article for the signing with Brandon and Peter Orullian listed seven comments. Two comments have been made. Five forum posts have been made in the related thread. Hence, it shows seven comments.

Obviously this isn't a critical bug, and I kind of have the feeling it would be a real pain to fix, but I thought it would be a good idea to at least let my new overlords and masters... err... I mean the site admins... know about it.

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It's sort of a bug, but it's sort of not. It happens when you promote a topic from the forums to be an article, and thus boosts the number of comments. They are actually referring to the forum topic.

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why arent the thread posts mirrored as article comments, that just fragments the discussion, which is silly....

Hell if I know. There isn't a setting for that, though.

You gotta think, would a comment then mirror to the forum post? There's fragmentation either way.

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