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Around the Cosmere: Tumblr Fanartists!

May 01 2016 10:10 PM by FeatherWriter      1

Hello all, welcome back to Around the Cosmere. Here, I'm going to take you back to the crazy world of the tumblr fandom, and do a different kind of feature this time. I'm going to highlight some of our wonderful fanartists over on the other side of the pond. These are not, by far, the only artists over on that side, but these are a few of my favorites and those who have consistently churned out a lot of art for us over the years. Come and see their amazing work!  Read more

Around the Cosmere: SE, MBI, and Strategy RPs for April

Apr 24 2016 11:16 PM by little wilson      4

Welcome back to Around the Cosmere, Sharders! This week, we’re updating you on Sanderson Elimination, Mistborn: The Inquisition, and the Strategy RPs. If you missed the intro, you can give it a read-through here, since it contains the rules and basics for each section. Without any further ado, let’s jump right in.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Bands of Mourning, Episode 7: Chapters 16-18

Apr 22 2016 12:08 PM by FeatherWriter      2

Don’t lose your guns, Wax. I feel like I’m babysitting him. Like every time he loses his guns, I’m like ‘Go get those back. Pick them up. What’re you doing?’

In which a whole heck of a lot happens. The end of Lady Kelesina’s party and we flee into the countryside with our heroes to try to see what exactly the Set is up to.  Read more

Awesome Calamity Giveaway

Apr 21 2016 04:08 PM by firstRainbowRose      35

*The contest is over now! Winners will be contacted via PM, and once we've got replies from all of our winners, we'll put up a full list.*

It’s been a couple of months since Calamity came out, and I know a lot of you have seen the cool swag that was given out. I’m quite sure that a few of you have also really wished you could get your hands on some, yet weren’t sure how. I mean, I know that feels like your soul is constantly seeking the one thing that will sooth it from a terrible sunburn it’s received, but only finding butter. (Trust me, that’s terrible to put on a sunburn.)  Read more

Around the Cosmere: Theories & WoB for March & April

Apr 17 2016 09:39 PM by Moogle      12

Hey there, and welcome to this edition of Around the Cosmere. In this post, we’ll go over highlights of this month’s new WoBs and shine on a spotlight on an interesting theory.

If you haven’t read Mistborn: Secret History or Bands of Mourning, you should steer clear of the rest of this post! Spoilers for these books and the Cosmere in general abound.  Read more

White Sand and Aether of Night Forums Are Here

Apr 14 2016 11:24 AM by Chaos      1

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. There will be some forums on Brandon's unpublished novels, where they can at last be discussed. In particular, we now have forums on the prose version of White Sand and Aether of Night. Additionally, we now have a forum that is just called White Sand, which will be the canonical graphic novel discussion board.

Thus far we at 17th Shard have needed to censor people posting info from unpublished works. This was for a number of reasons. First, these books are not canonical and so basing big theoretical discussion on them was unwise and misleading. More importantly, not everyone had access to these manuscripts, and we didn't want people spoiled about the contents of these books. But now the solution is here.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Bands of Mourning, Episode 6: Chapters 13-15

Apr 13 2016 03:20 PM by FeatherWriter      2

God bless. Harmony bless. Maker bless. Every... every deity just bless Steris Harms. Let’s just be real right here. Honor? Uh, Endowment? Like, all the Shards just need to like, group together, call a truce real quick, and bless Steris Harms. Kay? There we go. So it is decreed.

This episode of Splintercast, Feather discusses RP and how she really ought to get around to joining Mistborn: The Inquisition. Listen, guys. I love RP so much, but I like chat RP. It’s gotta be fast. Instant responses. Wait, you’re here to hear about Bands of Mourning? Oh, okay I guess we can do that too.

Cliffhangers continue to be my nemesis, but hey at least we got some fancy party infiltrations and a firefight in a graveyard. Steris is, of course, perfect, like usual. Dalish is cute and then naughty and must be exiled. And I’m upset that we haven’t talked about MeLaan recently.  Read more

Around the Cosmere: RPs and Social Groups News For March

Apr 10 2016 10:07 PM by Voidus      7

Hello everyone! Voidus here again for this month's Around the Cosmere segment on the RPs and social groups! This month, there's been two new RPs that have started up, the progress of Oregon and the Social Guilds, and we'll have our first hightlighted character and character from the Oregon RP: Nighthound, and his battle against Lightwards and Doctor Funtimes. It really is a ridiculously fun story. So let's get into it!  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Bands of Mourning, Episode 5: Chapters 10-12

Apr 06 2016 05:47 PM by FeatherWriter      7

Shut up, Wax. Not everyone has to go out and like, vigilante justice fight crime with their Allomancy. Maybe some people like to juggle, all right?

In which my commentary on these chapters contains significantly more jingle bells than one might have expected. What can I say? The kitten wants what the kitten wants. And usually that’s jingly feather toys.

Anyway, this week on Splintercast, Feather gets confused about gondolas.  Read more