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Brandon Officially Announced for Salt Lake City Comic Con!

Jul 15 2014 06:02 PM by firstRainbowRose     4

It's official! Brandon will be at Salt Lake City's Comic Convention this September. No word yet for the panels he will be on, but no matter what you'll get to hear it, since this time we're going to be there as well!  Read more

Around the Cosmere: SA3 Reading, New Covers

Jul 10 2014 09:06 AM by Chaos     7

Oh boy, there's been a ton of news this week, so let's get started. The biggest news is that there is a reading from Stormlight 3! You can find it here and here. Also, the illustrious WeiryWriter also transcribed the reading.  Read more

Shadows Beneath and Sixth of the Dusk Available Now

Jun 29 2014 08:51 AM by Chaos     13

We reported on Shadows Beneath, the Writing Excuses anthology before, but now you can get the ebook from Dragonmount, at a price of $9.99. Update: you can now get it on all major ebook retailers.

It contains the cosmere story, Sixth of the Dusk, as well as I.E.Demon, by Dan Wells; An Honest Death, by Howard Tayler; and A Fire in the Heavens, by Mary Robinette Kowal. It also contains behind-the-scenes looks, comparisons of the first and last drafts, transcriptions of the episodes regarding the stories, and awesome illustrations.  Read more

Around the Cosmere for June 16th

Jun 16 2014 03:33 PM by Chaos     13

Welcome back to Around the Cosmere, where we occasionally talk round of the news. It's been a while, but we're back on Hoid's Shadesmar Doomship Zeppelin (totally a real thing), and he's just messy, so we were delayed. That's totally what happened.

First things first, Brandon has answered questions about The Way of Kings on Tor.com.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Words of Radiance, Episode 28: Book Wrap-up

Jun 14 2014 04:49 PM by Chaos     16

This is our final Splintercast--well, at least of the Words of Radiance variety. Here Alyx talks more about her feelings (because you know you want more of that), and about all the stuff she missed. Prepare yourself for a full hour of her talking about this massive, wonderful book.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Words of Radiance, Episode 27: The End

Jun 13 2014 12:11 AM by Chaos     21

What else is there to say? It is the last section of Words of Radiance. You know what's coming. You know Alyx will freak. And stress about Renarin until she seems him... Look, I'm not going to spoil it. Enjoy.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Words of Radiance, Episode 26: Chapters 85-87

Jun 10 2014 11:37 PM by Chaos     12

It's a horrible, horrible thing to keep you waiting, so here's a Splintercast very early Wednesday. In fact, you've waited for this moment since you first heard Alyx's rampant Shallan/Renarin shipping. You've waited as she gets more tired, more emotional, and goes deeper into the depths. Prepare yourself for the breakdown and the rest of the amazing climax. (It happens early in 86, by the way...)  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Words of Radiance, Episode 25: Chapters 82-84

Jun 09 2014 07:58 PM by Chaos     18

We're deep into the climax, so what can I even put in the description that isn't immediately spoilery? This chapter contains one of my favorite lines in the entire book. And Alyx gets emotional--but since when is that new? Such emotion. Much wow. This is Splintercast.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Words of Radiance, Episode 24: Chapters 79-81

Jun 06 2014 05:00 PM by Chaos     8

Our heroes reach the center of the Plains and confront the Voidbringers today on Splintercast. Tensions ramp. The battle begins. And Kaladin makes a realization that will change everything.  Read more