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Calamity Preorders, White Sand News, and more!

Today, 10:47 AM by WeiryWriter      2

I cannot believe it but Calamity is being released in three days... With The Bands of Mourning being released so recently it has kind of snuck up on us. Brandon and co. however, in an effort to give Calamity it's due hype, have created some awesome "swag" for those who pre-order a copy of the book from certain bookstores, a list of which can be found here on Brandon's website. The goodies include a 12-page mini comic adaptation of Mitosis, punch-out cards for David, Megan, and Prof (similar to the ones done for Words of Radiance and Firefight), and a set of pins. On top of that any book that comes with this bundle will be signed. Do be sure to check with each store as there is a limited number of these bundles and each store has a different policy (some will do online orders, others only in-store purchases).

Unfortunately the Wellers Book Works pre-order is already sold out. They only sold a limited number of copies (250) and they sold out incredibly quickly.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Shadows of Self, Episode 5: Chapters 13-15

Feb 10 2016 12:14 PM by FeatherWriter      3

On this episode, Wax and the crew are deep within their investigation of our mysterious antagonist, and trying to piece together the reasons behind her enigmatic actions. Meanwhile, the police are getting rather tired of putting up with all the Dawnshot’s antics, which honestly, seems pretty valid considering how much trouble he can be.  Read more

Calamity Tour Announced!

Feb 03 2016 05:06 PM by WeiryWriter      3

Phew... The Bands of Mourning is out (along with a very nice surprise novella) so I guess now starts the long wait between Sanderson relea-- Wait, what do you mean Calamity is coming out in less than two weeks? Sparks, so it is...

Brandon just posted the stops for the Calamity over on his website's event page.

Remember if you are planning to go to any of these signings to follow the included links to find out that location's policies. Some of these events are ticketed or require the purchase of Calamity from the store hosting the event.  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Shadows of Self, Episode 4: Chapters 10-12

Feb 02 2016 04:51 PM by Chaos      0

“Whaaaat? I’m so lost. What’s going on? Brandon, you’re yanking me! I’m getting yanked over here!”

After a brief break to let everyone gnaw on their new copies of Bands of Mourning for a little while, Splintercast returns to keep going through Shadows of Self! A quick reminder that there are to be no spoilers for Bands of Mourning or Secret history discussed in the comments, even under spoiler tags, until the spoiler ban is lifted. Thank you!  Read more

Bands of Mourning Release, Spoiler Policies, Mistborn: Secret History Announcement

Jan 25 2016 07:28 PM by Chaos      13

In a few short hours, the sixth Mistborn novel, The Bands of Mourning, will be available for everyone to read. Our Bands forum will allow full spoilers for the book tonight. Get excited. You can read our review of Bands here. Below we'll discuss about our spoiler policies for this novel. But, there's something more.

As we all know, there is always another secret, and with Brandon, that secret is, of course, a secret project. It is also coming out tonight on ebook formats alongside Bands. It's called Mistborn: Secret History, which Brandon revealed on Reddit after Amazon leaked its existence.  Read more

Brandon Posts Large Oathbringer Progress Report

Jan 23 2016 02:58 PM by Chaos      8

This week, Brandon posted a large progress report on Oathbringer, the third Stormlight Archive book, on the Stormlight Archive subreddit. To talk about how far he has gotten, he went into a detailed explanation on how he structures Stormlight books, so people understand what his word count means. I'm going to talk about what Brandon said, and do some analysis as well!

Long story short, Brandon is 180,000 words through Oathbringer. (For comparison, the first Mistborn book is about 200,000 words long.)  Read more

The Bands of Mourning Review (Spoiler-free)

Jan 22 2016 03:59 PM by WeiryWriter      11

A little over a year ago, Brandon made the surprising announcement that he had not only written the sequel to The Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, but the sequel to that as well. The Bands of Mourning, as the sixth Mistborn book, has a lot to live up to. Not only with these characters, but with the world itself, there's a lot of history to contend with. Luckily, Bands soared above the hopes I had for it. It's quickly become my favorite Wax and Wayne era novel, and, for me at least, it's neck and neck with some of the Era 1 trilogy.

Bands picks up about six months after Shadows of Self concludes, the aftereffects of which are still being felt. Wax has had his worldview shaken and is still reeling from the emotional blow of Shadows' climax. So when a kandra arrives, seeking his help to find the Bands of Mourning, the fabled metalminds of the Lord Ruler--rumored to give any who possess them his powers--Wax is disinclined to agree. That is, of course, until a more personal motivation comes to light. The Set, and Wax's uncle Edwarn, are back and there's no telling what they are up to now...  Read more

The Splintercast Reads Shadows of Self, Episode 3: Chapters 7-9

Jan 19 2016 06:14 PM by FeatherWriter      17

"I just need to give the God of the world a hug, okay? I'm just... I'm just gonna hug him. Anybody got a problem with that?"

Another week, another Splintercast!

In this week's episode, I flail over finding out more about our lovely villain for this book, squee over the reappearance of an original Mistborn trilogy character, and talk about the philosophical question of whether technological progression is inherently valuable. And of course, the most beautiful of fandom experiences: the sailing of a new ship.  Read more

Bands of Mourning Chapter 6 Posted!

Jan 18 2016 10:46 AM by WeiryWriter      0

Tor.com has just posted Chapter 6 of The Bands of Mourning over on their site. Check it out here! This is unfortunately the last preview they will be posting (Peter confirmed as much on Reddit last week) but that just means the release is just around the corner. We are back to Marasi's point of view as she examines the information given to the team about what the kandra have been able to get out of ReLuuur when she comes across a drawing of some sort of creature (I wonder what that is, a Hemalurgic construct as Marasi suspects?). And after a rather reflective conversation with Wayne we get to see the adorable aftermath of Chapter 5 for Wax and Steris. Of course, then there's a cliffhanger, but I don't think any of us are surprised by that.

Check out our forum topic here to discuss the preview chapter!  Read more