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Firefight Tour Dates Announced

Jan 04 2015 12:17 PM by Chaos     4

The tour dates for Firefight, which comes out this Tuesday, January 6th, have been announced! Additionally, we've put the events on our Calendar on 17th Shard, so when you're on the main forum page, you'll see them! You can also read Brandon's interesting look at superhero novels on i09.

Here are the dates, along with any links to a thread regarding a particular signing. If you make a thread for the signing you're going to, I'll update this!  Read more

New Mistborn: Birthright Release Date and Platforms (Updated!)

Dec 22 2014 05:31 PM by Chaos     22

On the Mistborn Birthright Facebook page there has at last been some information about the long delayed Mistborn game. Originally the game was supposed to come out in 2013. That... didn't happen. But now we have more information. It will come in Fall 2016, guys.  Read more

Giant Transcription of SLCC Audio

Dec 19 2014 07:48 PM by WeiryWriter     20

Back in September Brandon went to Salt Lake City Comic-Con, and 17th Shard went as well. Josh and Mi'ch were able to get recordings of over 12 hours worth of signings. Unfortunately for copyright reasons we couldn't share the audio publicly but finally the transcription is done. It's a Koloss Head-Munching Day miracle!

I would like to apologize for this taking so long and I hope the rest of you are as excited as I am!
Special thanks again to Josh and Mi'ch for making this possible. Also thank you to Windrunner for proofing everything. There's some very cool stuff in here, so let's get started!  Read more

Shadows of Self and its sequel coming October 2015 and January 2016

Dec 18 2014 07:30 PM by Chaos     3

Brandon has written a big blog post today. Well, actually, he's written a great deal, but today he wrote a blog post about what he spent 2014 doing. Some things are expected, like Firefight, Legion: Skin Deep, The Aztlanian (Rithmatist 2). But then there were some other things.

He not only finished Shadows of Self, the sequel to Alloy of Law, but also wrote the next book after that, titled Bands of Mourning. Shadows will be released October 2015, and Bands will be released very shortly after in January 2016.  Read more

Allomancy Dice Kickstarter!

Dec 16 2014 02:36 PM by Chaos     6

Crafty Games, the lovely people who makes the Mistborn Adventure Game (and its two supplements!), has an exciting Kickstarter. They are making lovely Allomancy dice that have an Allomantic symbol on the six slot. Guess what, it's already funded, so if you back it, you're definitely getting some really nice dice! (Assonance not intentional.)  Read more

Shardcast Returns Wednesday 9/17 at 5pm Pacific!

Sep 16 2014 01:56 PM by Chaos     2

Tomorrow, Shardcast returns, and this time it is live and on video! What could go wrong? Sssh, don't remind us about the terrible Words of Radiance release stream, it will be flawless. The stream will begin 6:00pm Mountain time, which is 5pm Pacific and 8pm Eastern. And if you miss it, it'll be on Youtube immediately!

We can't promise it will stay on topic, but we can promise it is at least a shard of a Brandon Sanderson podcast.  Read more

Mistborn Adventure Game Alloy Supplement is Out!

Aug 07 2014 09:44 AM by Chaos     11

Today the Mistborn Adventure Game's Alloy of Law supplement is out now in both digital and print editions. There's an original story from Brandon, and an overview of the people and society of the remade Scadrial, with "information not seen in the novel." Seems pretty great!  Read more

New Stormlight Archive Scene post-Words of Radiance

Aug 07 2014 09:42 AM by Chaos     8

Guys. Guys. There's a new Stormlight scene that Brandon has read at his recent signings. It is an early draft, and Brandon says the terminology should not be considered canon (it needs to be firmed up a bit), and most importantly, you really shouldn't read it if you haven't finished Words of Radiance.  Read more

Brandon Officially Announced for Salt Lake City Comic Con!

Jul 15 2014 06:02 PM by firstRainbowRose     4

It's official! Brandon will be at Salt Lake City's Comic Convention this September. No word yet for the panels he will be on, but no matter what you'll get to hear it, since this time we're going to be there as well!  Read more