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Shadows of Self Prologue And Chapter One Now Available

Jun 29 2015 01:08 PM by Chaos      7

Tor today has released the prologue for Shadows of Self, the sequel to The Alloy of Law. Chapter one is now available too! I shall spoil nothing of it here, so you best just read it. You know, if you want.

Shadows of Self comes out October 6th in the US and October 8th in the UK.  Read more

Stormlight 3's Flashback Character May Be Dalinar (Updated Again)

Jun 16 2015 08:47 AM by Chaos      17

Brandon has begun writing on Stormlight 3 in earnest, and today Brandon revealed that the flashback character for this Stormlight book will likely be Dalinar. This may come as a surprise to some, as the previous working title for this book, Stones Unhallowed, as well as Brandon's initial plan suggested Szeth was to be the flashback character. However, more recently, Brandon said that it could be either of the two, or Eshonai, depending on which information needed to be revealed first.  Read more

Getting some help for an awesome music shop and this site.

Jun 09 2015 09:19 PM by Rubix      15

Hey Sharders,

We've got an opportunity to help the site, a member of our community, as well as make the world just a little better. I'll try to keep it brief, and I hope by the end, I'll be able to persuade you.  Read more

The Coppermind's Birthday Extravagapalooza!

Jun 01 2015 12:50 PM by Chaos      37

Did you know it was five years ago this month that 17th Shard and the Coppermind were made? It's been a crazy time. And so, without further ado, Joe and the Coppermind staff decided to do something special to celebrate! It's simple: contributing to the Coppermind in the month of June results in gifts!

That is, any contribution, however small, on any day in June means you get a gift. The larger your overall contribution, the larger the gift will be. A rough description of levels of contribution can be found below!  Read more

Limited Edition Shadows for Silence & Perfect State Now for Pre-Order

May 29 2015 03:07 PM by Chaos      0

Two of my very favorite Brandon Sanderson novellas, Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, and Perfect State are getting a combined limited edition print editions from Subterranean Press, who did small publication runs of the Legion novellas. The limited editions are a pricey $99, but from what I understand, the Subterranean Press stuff is extremely high quality.  Read more

Bands of Mourning Cover and Synopsis Reveal

Apr 09 2015 12:25 PM by Chaos      16

We don't even have Shadows of Self, the next Wax and Wayne Mistborn book, but we now have the cover for Bands of Mourning, as well as a very interesting plot synopsis. Bands comes out January 2016, two months after Shadows. Check out the cover. And if you don't want spoilers, don't read on.  Read more

Brandon Secretly Wrote Another Book, Stormlight 8

Apr 01 2015 08:34 AM by Chaos      30

We have a scoop for you today. Recently, a few of us at 17th Shard got to talk to Brandon, and he had a serious bombshell: he secretly wrote a book. Okay, none of us are shocked but that after the announcement of Bands of Mourning, but what we didn't expect was that the project was actually a fully formed Stormlight novel. Not Stormlight 3, but Stormlight 8.  Read more

New Novella, Perfect State, Comes March 31st

Mar 21 2015 10:20 AM by Chaos      11

Brandon has a new novella, Perfect State, and it will be coming on March 31st, according to this Amazon page. And look at that cover! Team Sanderson is knocking it out of the park with these covers.

Never heard of Perfect State? Yeah, no one did until the Firefight tour, where he read part of it. It's like the Matrix, but "happier". It's an interesting mix of fantasy in the "Matrix," and presumably some sci-fi out of it.  Read more

Shadows for Silence Now Available Individually on Ebook (With Epic Cover)

Mar 04 2015 10:17 PM by Chaos      11

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell is a short cosmere novella that originally appeared in the George R. R. Martin anthology, Dangerous Women. Now, Dangerous Women is excellent and you really get your money's worth (it's huge), but if you haven't picked it up, you can now get Shadows for Silence individually on the Kindle store.

I can't find this on other ebook sites--though you can find Dangerous Women on ebook--but I presume it will be coming soon. The date this Amazon entry was made was March 3rd, so it was very soon. Maybe we are getting the cat out of the bag a little early...

But guys, look at this spectacular, spectacular cover for this ebook.  Read more