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A Masterpiece

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You can’t read Emperor’s Soul without wondering how Brandon Sanderson has the genius to write so well. Easily his best work, piling incredible world building, impeccable attention to detail, character development to rival any other other, all in 175 pages of pure artistic talent. Passion, love, adventure, magic, stuffed into a tiny room in the back of a palace. I can’t properly describe the emotion I feel reading and rereading this masterpiece. This book Forged my soul. 

Im not usually the type to post something just to complement, but this story is absolutely breathtaking.

(rant over)

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5 hours ago, Overlord Jebus said:

I too hold The Emperors Soul as my favourite book he's ever written.

It's such a beautiful piece of art that as soon as I was done reading it, I threw it into the fire.

Jebus, this made my day. Talk about comedic timing.:D

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Brandon's strong suit is usually in his plotting and world building. His stories entertain the reader with new ideas and tantalizing secrets to be uncovered. They range from extremely entertaining to absolutely captivating.

In The Emperor's Soul, he reminded us that he is still an artist. The novella is absolutely a work of art, and has more to say about the human condition, the existence of art, and the relationship between the two than any of his other novels. (In my opinion!)

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