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Kelsier and Spook


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I'm not sure if any part (or all) of this theory has been posted before, so sorry if it has.

It seems almost certain that, based on Bands of Mourning, Kelsier has a new Physical form.


The traveler reached out and took the woman by the shoulder, kneeled down, and whispered a single word.



(BoM Epilogue)


In Oathbringer, the Fused gain Physical form by bonding with Singers during the Everstorm. I think it likely that something similar is going on with Kell and his Physical form, except instead of the Everstorm, Hemalurgy is used. 


It was a difficult perspective to experience, for only half of the viewer's eyesight was normal.

The other was all in blue, lines everywhere. The vision of a man spiked through the eye.



My friend and I recently noticed this WoB:



Is Spook still around as of Alloy of Law?


As of Alloy of Law-- Yeah I'm gonna have to RAFO you on that.

I realize that a RAFO could just mean that Brandon doesn't want to say either way just yet, but there is the potential (as far as I am aware) that Spook could still be around.


Kelsier shrugged. "The Lord Ruler was immortal, you know. By a combination of the powers, he managed to make himself unable to age- unable to die, under most circumstances. You're Mistborn, Spook. Halfway there. Aren't you curious about what else is possible? I mean, we have a little pile of Inquisitor spikes, and nothing to do with them...."


"And you?" Spook asked. "What do you get from this?"

Nothing big," Kelsier said. "Just a little thing. Someone once explained my problem. My string has been cut, the thing holding me to the physical world." His smile broadened. "Well, we're just going to have to find me a new string."

(Mistborn: Secret History Epilogue)


It seems that Kelsier enlisted Spook in his quest to get a new Physical form. If so, it could be that the "new string", at least at times, could be Spook.


My friend and I are still working out some parts of this theory, so if anyone wants to add something that refines, supports, or even contradicts this theory, please do.

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Unfortunately, that has been debunked. 



In Bands of Mourning, we learned that the Sovereign, who they confused as being the Lord Ruler, came after the Catacendre. [He] was their god, was their king and god. And then Kelsier looking for a string. Is the spike somehow connecting Kelsier's soul to Spook's body.

Brandon Sanderson

No, good question. It is connecting his soul with his body, his current body, but it is not Spook's body. That's a great theory.



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44 minutes ago, MountainKing said:

What I would like to know is how did Kelsier become a Full Feruchemist after dying, without using Feruchemy. Unless the spike in his eye is nicrosil.

I don't think he is... But at a minimum, he had the aid of a Full Feruchemist to create the Bands, after which he could just use Allomancy to Compound by burning metalminds and then to continually recharge the nicrosilminds for Feruchemical abilities.

I have a private crackpot theory as to where he found a Full Feruchemist within 10 years of the Catacendre that I mention in that link, but I admit it's pretty crazy :)

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I remember being absolutely gutted after reading The Final Empire with what happened to Kelsier and then reading Hero Of Ages and thinking the same thing. I always wondered if Spook would be the "new Kelsier" but then I read Secret History and I was quite happy that Kelsier was just Kelsier. I don't think Brandon is finished with his story though.

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I was generally thinking he'd used Spikes to staple his now Sliver-ized spirit back onto his body in a Hemalurgic equivalent to the Returned.  I dont know how much that would need to be his original body or if he could make a donor body work, though the way Cosmere Healing works would suggest the body could be "healed" back into his proper form regardless of it's starting state.

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20 minutes ago, Calderis said:

An alternative idea... 

Because I don't think it's what seems

Interesting, I don't remember reading that thread before.

So in a nutshell, living people (with Connection to the Physical Realm) that pass through the Cognitive Realm, as with worldhoppers or Elsecallers, are basically "transported" like in Star Trek in a physical disassembly and re-assembly, with their passage through the CR like being a "data stream" but with a Spiritual component.

So someone (Spook, presumably) would have to use hemalurgy to steal Connection from someone in the Physical Realm, then bring that Invested spike into the CR to then staple it to the shadow of Kelsier, who could then pass through a Perpendicularity back into the Physical Realm... And would then reform his body from "background Investiture" via Connection? Seems like a pretty dark thing for Spook to do.

We've seen what "stealing Connection" looks like in the Cosmere - like what's already happened to the mistwraiths on Scadrial, and the parshmen on Roshar. They're blocked

Hey, wait a minute. Mistwraiths are (among other things) Connection-blocked, needing a hemalurgic spike to "go kandra", so kandra Blessings must give Connection. A lot of the Second Generation kandra committed suicide, leaving their spikes behind - do they retain Connection? And then there is the somewhat unclear fate of the First Generation.

And didn't TenSoon have FOUR spikes instead of two at the end of The Hero of Ages, taking OreSeur's Blessings on top of his own? Does he still have OreSeur's spikes in Era 2? Hmm.

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Well technically Kandra have Connection it's just that there is a blockage between their cognitive aspect and their physical aspect, the spikes allow some holes in the blockage. So some parts of there spiritual DNA is blocked even after passing through the cognitive realm due to the blockage.

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