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Unable to post, tags are open

Ookla the Paradigm

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I'll preface this by saying that I'm posting this from my phone, which has no issues accessing the Shard at the moment. 

When I went of the Shard this evening it wouldn't allow me full access on my computer. 

Weird stuff that's happened:

All spoiler tags appear open to me, and I can not close them. 

On my profile page, where there is usually the first few lines of every post I've made, the entire post appears. 

 I can not post in PMs. I can not post or edit posts. When I go to edit a post, it takes me to a separate page. 

I'm not sure why all this has happened. The only thing I can think of that has changed in my routine is that Windows recently updated on my computer. 

Here's some screenshots:


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