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Hi! My name is Hannah, I just graduated college with a Bachelor's in History, and...I...love baby corn? l o l I couldn't think of another fun fact to complete the triad there

My first Sanderson book was Elantris in like 2012/2013. Since then I've read most of the Cosmere books/novellas/short stories (I haven't read Shadows of Self or The Bands of Mourning) and most of his short fiction. I discovered the Cosmere a few years ago when I realized there was a character named Hoid in two different books. . . I started investigating immediately, and found this website. Honestly though, as amazing as I find it, the Cosmere makes my head feel a little twisty sometimes haha so I usually just come here every few months, soak in as much as I can, and then wander back off in an impressed daze. 

I'm not good with theories, but I do love to organize...so for the Stormlight books I make my own comprehensive tables of contents and keep semi obsessive records of the epigraphs of the chapters and the narratives of Adolin, Dalinar, Kaladin, and Shallan through the books (+ Interludes). thaaaaat's how I've mostly managed my admiration for the books

I love Brandon Sanderson and the Cosmere because the meticulousness, forethought and breadth of his work astounds me. Even more astounding is that, in the midst of crazy worldbuilding/planning/conspiracy-creating??? (like he knows the gravitational strength of every planet and stuff??? insanity), he creates characters that I really love and really grow with. I also just so admire that the books/series can stand independently of each other...the cosmere is there to enrich if you want it to, but it doesn't intrude on the initial experience...which I know is the whole point but he pulls it off so well!!!!

I love love love seeing the real passion and community here on the Shard. thank you all so much for creating such a positive space to explore the Cosmere and have fun together!

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Welcome to the shard, Hannah!! Have an upvote!

We like to greet each other here by saying "My life to yours, My Breath become yours" you should try, you go first! :D


Also, what is your favorite book, or character? (mine is wayne from Mistborn era 2, or Syl)

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Hi Hannah! Welcome to the 17th Shard! Your organization of POVs and chapters sounds awesome. It sounds like you'd love the Stormlight statistical analyses over on the Coppermind section :) 

I completely agree with you about the positivity and wonderful energy of this site. Never once have I seen any of the toxicity that some of the rest of the Internet is plagued with. 17th Shard is all fun, inclusive, and super nerdy :D

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I am new to this site as well but I just had to say hi after I read that you just graduated college with a Bachelor's in History. As a tour guide with a degree in Historical tourism from the Central American nation of Panama, allow me to welcome you into this community as well. Also, your comprehensive table of content sound great and the kind of thing I would love to do when I have more time in my hands. We history nerds should band together and make our own Keeper club to compile records from the Cosmere in a cool manner :D

See you around!

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