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Kaladin will meet Jezrien in book 3


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I was reading through some theories and came across the one that Jezrien is the drunkard at the feast when Gavilar is assassinated. If this is the case and he is still in Kholinar during the riots and we know that Kaladin will be heading there next book after Hearthstone and attempt to help.



What do you think the chances are that they will come across each other whilst Kal is trying to protect and lead the people. Perhaps seeing Kal & Syl surgebinding and living by his ideals will help him find some sort of mental stability. Plus with Kal now having Jezrien's Honourblade it could have a marked difference.



If Jezrie comes round in some way the perhaps he can unlock the oathgate to Urithiru and save Kholinar from the Everstorm.


Picture that--Kal comes back to Urithiru with a city and the King of Heralds, scratching his head saying "It could've gone worse"



Your thoughts and hole poking sticks (Shallan will never be able to change the hole poking sticks)


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I hope this will happen, but I think the Heralds are all twisted versions of their old selves. Jezrien might come around eventually, but will probably be trying to stop Kaladin for at least a bit of the book.


WoR Spoiler:


We now have Szeth with Nightblood to get "justice" on those who made him Truthless, and we've seen other Heralds around doing things that you might not expect them to be doing if they were, well, sane. I am under the impression that Taln will be the only "good" Herald. At least once he wakes up.

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Something else is up with Jezrien. From the Lift Interlude:

He'd been bested, but he didn't seem to care. Not a curse, not even a tightening of the eyes. He stood up and pulled on his gloves by the cuffs, first one and then the other. "Praise Yaezir," he said, "Herald of Kings. May he lead in wisdom. If he ever stops drooling."

Emphasis mine. If Nalan is saying that about Jezrien, this implies there is something very wrong with him.

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I would guess 4500 years of guilt over lying will leave everyone a little strange. I don't buy into the Twisted Versions thing, so much as The Heralds were people too, and they've been weakened by living forever without purpose, changing who they are. Jezrian didn't seem a drunk. Just a raving madman. I can see that from 4 millenia of life. Shallash is trying to create her anonymity, so she can dissapear, and Nalan has embraced the concept of his order of Radiants as a way to deal with his betrayal. None of that needs to be magical, just the effects of time, of watching everyone you care for age and die over and over and over again. Meanwhile they also know they betrayed their friend. Taln has suffered for 4500 hundred ears because of their cowardice. That changes a person too.

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I think Taln and Kalak will be the good ones, the rest will be shadows of their former selves.

Obviously Kaladin will be Jezrien's successor ;)


From book 1 Prelude i got a good vibe from Kalak, after all out of all of the Heralds he was chosen as the POV.

Jezrien seemed 'Broken'


The reason i think it will be Taln and Kalak is because Brandon said that two of the books will feature two of the Heralds as the flashback characters and they are my favorite heralds :)


(Nin is a BAMF but i like him as an AntiHero/BadGuy) 

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