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[Theory] Nergaoul moves on Shinovar (Full book spoilers)


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So this thought just hit me while I was sitting here perusing the forum.

When Taravangian is surveying the aftermath of Jah Kaved he mentions that due to their death rattles the spren who causes them is moving. No at the final battles and when he kills Sadeas Adolin feels nothing, no Thrill at all. Also during the final battle I don't recall any Alethi acting with the berserker drive of the Thrill. We know the Thrill is caused by Nergaoul. My theory is that Nergaoul is moving towards the Everstorm and away from the Shattered Plains and Alethkar which means it'll take root in the one place where killing and battle are abhorred, leading to chaos and strife as "those that take" start feeling a Thrill they are unprepared for.

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He wouldn't be moving towards the Everstorm, since the battle where the Thrill was absent was very, very close to the Everstorm. However, he could easily be moving towards Shinovar.


Though, even if he does end up in Shinovar, it might not be as bad as all that. People only feel the Thrill in battle, so it's unlikely very many of them will trigger the Thrill.

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Light came from above, too steady to be lightning. Something was glowing on the plateau. Something that moved. It was hard to see, since water streamed off the side of the plateau above, falling in a sheet before their refuge. He swore he saw an enormous figure walking up there, a glowing inhuman form, followed by another, alien and sleek. Striding the storm. Leg after leg, until the glow passed

Is this Nergaoul and Moelach?

No i think it affects you most in battle. I have a theory that it heightens your emotions and twists them into a negative way.

The Thrill gets in you and corrupts you? It even got Kaladin when he was younger, fighting the older boy.

Maybe the Nahel Bond or those on their way to forming the Bond are immune?

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Nergaoul and Moelach?

Nice catch! I was wondering what those could be. I was just going to assume storm form parshendi but the description wouldn't match.

About corruption: maybe it requires the seed of certain emotions (bloodlust? Rage?). We've seen that after feeling disgusted by the thrill Dalinar stops feeling it in battle.

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While Adolin doesn't experience the Thrill during the final plateau assault, he seems to believe that Eshonai does:



She was difficult to maneuver. He had only met this Eshonai twice, but he felt he knew her through the way she fought. He sensed her eagerness for blood. Her eagerness to kill. The Thrill. He did not feel it himself. He sensed it in her.


Adolin pressed her with a burst of swordplay, then he flagged, presenting her with an opening. She took it immediately, swinging for his helm, which leaked from an earlier blow. Yes, she was fully caught up in the Thrill. That lent her energy and strength, but it drove her to recklessness. To ignore her surroundings.


It's possible Adolin is wrong, or he's just using the term because it's what he's familiar with regarding any kind of battle frenzy. Alternatively, it might be that the stormspren (or their source) really are responsible for the Thrill. Venli must have been getting the spren from somewhere, after all.


Something to consider is that in most cases, the spren don't cause what they're named for; instead, they're attracted by it. However, stormspren and/or whatever is causing the Thrill seems to break this relationship, since they appear to cause the emotion/phenomenon.

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