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With the new release of Words of Radiance, I decided to read it on my kindle instead of getting a hard copy.  It was awesome.  I used the built in features to take notes a I went along, and now finding references to things about the Cosmere became a whole lot easier.  


But there was a problem:  The Kindle app for computers sucks.  Really badly.


While I could take notes, I couldn't organize them into groups.  I wasn't able to jump forward by chapters at a time and had to do scrolling really fast with pages.  Admittedly, these aren't the worst things in the world, they're just annoying.


I'm wondering if anyone has any Mac apps that they use for Kindle reading that allow them to organize bookmarks and notes into groups.  The native kindle app just has too many shortcomings.


Also, if anyone is interested, I want to share notes with others who are documenting their readings, so feel free to message me with your kindle account name and I'll follow your notes.  

Mine is [email protected] or Nathan Oshlag


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I have been reading everything lately on Google books. But I did not even think about using it for notes. It might be very useful to highlight all the Hoid appearances and what have you. I am going to have to see how it works on my computer also. Thanks for the idea.

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