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List of Glyph(pair)s


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Hey, folks.

As a part of my obsession with the translation of the Alethi glyphpairs, I am going to need some help. There are several names throughout both The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance that are politely written as both a name and a glyphpair. The easy-to-remember example is Kholin, composed of the glyphs khokh and linil. [kho|kh], [lin|il]. [kho] + [lin] = [kholin]

And while this one mostly (~80%) makes sense to me - you can read my explanation here, but be advised that the name and content of one of the maps I use reveals the players involved in one of the Words of Radiance battles; no major spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless.

Anyway, the Kholin name and the way its usually written makes sense to me. Sebarial's, who is another one of the highprinces, also mostly makes sense. But if I am to ever figure out a way to translate glyphs that doesn't require me to make shady deals with the Nightwatcher, I'll need more glyphs. The more, the better.

Off the top of my head (and with the help of a few replies in the translation thread), I can think of only a few glyphs: sas, nahn, shash, shesh, laial, lerel, linil, merem, khakh, khokh, sebes. Some of the Alethi names that come from those words are: Amaram (merem + khakh, though I skeptical of this one), Sebarial (sebes + laial), and Kholin (khokh + linil).

So. If you find me some glyphs (even if they are isolated, not in pairs), feed them to it. If they have translation (e.g. "shash" means "dangerous" and "merem" means "honor"), even better!

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