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Policy on Self-Promotion?


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I remember seeing this addressed in the forum rules at some point, but can't find that section now. Could someone please clarify the policy or point me to it?

I have a short story being published in an anthology next month, and I'd like to promote it by making a thread in Creator's Corner, mentioning it on Discord, etc. but I want to make sure I don't violate any forum etiquette or rules in doing so.

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Hey ccstat, that's awesome that you are getting published! Awesome. You can absolutely share this in Creator's Corner.

The staff had a conversation about self-promotion today, so I appreciate you prompting this. We didn't have this codified in our increasingly out-of-date rules section. We'll try and nail down the exact specifics, but basically:

  • You can promote a product that you are involved in creating is totally fine. 
  • Don't ask for donations. For example, if you an aspiring writer, posting a topic asking for donations so you can live is not okay. If you're promoting yourself, you actually need to promote something
  • Your account cannot be solely used for advertising your stuff. (Contribute to the community.)

There's one more caveat: if you are selling a Brandon Sanderson product that is not sanctioned by Dragonsteel, we will remove that. Go through official channels. 

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Great! I appreciate the clarification, Chaos.

@Extesian Thanks for the support and kind words. I'm really excited for my first publication, and I'm quite happy with how the story turned out, especially since most of my writing to this point has been either novel-length or poetry, and I haven't explored the short-story form nearly as much.

I'll post specifics when the book is actually available, but in short the anthology is a collection of fairy tale adaptations looking at what happens "after the Ever After." I've read most of the other stories in the collection and they have all been excellent. There are a wide variety of approaches to the theme, and the authors draw on both familiar and non-traditional fairy tales, so I have no reservations recommending it. I'll make sure to read the remaining pieces by the time of release so that I can vouch for the anthology as a whole.

My story is based on Jack and the Beanstalk and follows the old man who sold Jack the magic beans.

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