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Been periodically browsing this forum for some time now.. pretty much every time I finish a book/series.. particularly to see how accurate (or failbot) I've been in my Hoid spotting. I've read everything Cosmere related to this point with the exception of the White Sand graphic novels (on the way in the mail).

Recently I read a non-Sanderson series called Twinborn.. and it brought up the question... is anyone else dissapointed when they read non-Sanderson and Hoid doesn't show up? I'm so Hoid obsessed that I expect him to turn up everywhere now!

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1 hour ago, The Forgetful Archivist said:

Welcome to the Shard have an upvote and a cookie. I have the opposite problem with reading books I look at the spelling and mispronounce the names


I'm usually pretty good on my pronounciation... At least with SA I'd hold my own.. but flip it to the spelling and I'd fall flat!

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