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Hi guys, 

I've been a fan of Brandon for a while and have read a lot of the articles on the Coppermind as well as all of the cosmere works (bar Arcanium Unbound, which is next) and just wanted to say hi as i've only just made an account here for some reason! Oathbringer really renewed my passion for reading, and I've decided I'd like to be more involved with this community :) 

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I’d say the final empire is my favourite book of all time, as well as my favourite Sanderson, I just think despite being quite stereotypical in the basic plot (small gang of rebels take on oppressive leader) it’s done so well and the characters are so relatable, and it’s his best designed magic system to date in terms of action. 

Despite less of an emotional attachment I think Stormlight is the best series, but really every book he releases just gets better and better! 

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Favourite character is a toughie, I'd probably say Syl or TenSoon, both are quite special to me. I was expecting to really like Elhokar, based on the direction his character arc was going but that didn't really go to plan! I love all scenes involving Hoid, i think he's fascinating, and Vin/Elend has a lot of parallels to my own relationship so that's special in a different way. But I've never been so excited to read a passage as Wax and TenSoon's section in Bands of Mourning! 


I'm very scared of these cookies. 

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