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Nearby 17th Shard Groups

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3 hours ago, Herowriter said:

Are there any 17th Shard groups in the Augusta, Georgia area that meet face to face like a book club sort of thing?

I'm in that area, but I don't know of any existing groups. 

But I guess we could make one.

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That's a shame that there isn't a group in my area.  There are so many fan groups in my area.  I would have thought that the 17th Shard would be among them.  We'll have to find more than two members in our area to be called a club, I would think, but I would like to start one.  When I was a kid, I was a member of the Star Trek Fan Club. I am planning to go to JordonCon in the future.  How far into the future remains to be seen.

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