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To Save Humanity (WoR)


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If certain types of Voidbringers are made out of Parshmen every time the Everstorm passes by, but not all Parshmen become Voidbringers than is it ok to terminate the Parshmen?


I would say yes. In the apocalypse with the fate of the human race on the line any death that is prevented for humanity is a victory. 


Now Journey before Destination is a central theme of the series and so I feel the books will side with the Parshmen. I also expect that they will play a role in defeating Odium by the end but without that knowledge how could a leader in Roshar  justify letting them live when hundreds of thousands if not millions will become your enemy.

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Because they will likely happen in small devastating bursts. Any Parshmen that can't sneak out during a storm won't change. The first attacks likely won't have a known source, and the Parshmen who are infected will likely play a smart guerrilla war. Murdering during Highstorms and stealing new recruits. It'll be a fascinating fight to read about...

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