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[Spoilers] Interior Art


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I thought it would be nice to have all of these in one place.  With digital copies it can be a bit hard to get a good look at them.  Hopefully it is ok for me to post these, if not please let me know or remove it asap.


post-6542-0-85619400-1394073894_thumb.pn post-6542-0-69439400-1394073990_thumb.pn post-6542-0-81466100-1394074046_thumb.pn post-6542-0-47973900-1394074091_thumb.pn post-6542-0-70751800-1394074120_thumb.pn post-6542-0-33160400-1394074145_thumb.pn post-6542-0-42326700-1394074183_thumb.pn post-6542-0-74765600-1394074307_thumb.pn post-6542-0-04976700-1394074343_thumb.pnpost-6542-0-47054400-1394074369_thumb.pn

post-6542-0-67663200-1394074400_thumb.pn post-6542-0-38285700-1394074453_thumb.pnpost-6542-0-34698800-1394074490_thumb.pn post-6542-0-54628400-1394074523_thumb.pn post-6542-0-10363900-1394074558_thumb.pnpost-6542-0-37812100-1394074585_thumb.pn post-6542-0-60353700-1394074619_thumb.pn post-6542-0-16057600-1394074876_thumb.pnpost-6542-0-51269100-1394074907_thumb.pn




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Wow!  shame I can only upvote that once!  Nice job!


A few other things:  Finally plate and blade illustrations!  And I so knew that Bluths hat was a freakin cowboy hat!


I've always imagined that Shardplate looked rather over-the-top -- a lot like Al from Fullmetal Alchemist:


So I thought these illustrations were spot on!

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Dang, that fashion Alethi uniform page is still so gorgeous. Aaah, I love it.


 Also we have a face of a Alenthi model to help all fan artists (and it kind remember me Ex Makina style) =)

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