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After 12 years of Writing Excuses, I couldn't even begin to tell you!! I'll have a go though. For me, it's got to be measured by what comes out of the prompt, because a prompt is just a means to an end, and kind of irrelevant in itself. So, I pick this one:

(Writing Excuses, Season 10, Episode 5) Take three different characters and walk them through a scene. Convey their emotional states, their jobs, and their hobbies without directly stating any of those. The scene in question: walking through a marketplace, and they need to do a dead-drop.

The prompt itself is pretty standard and a bit pedestrian, but, from this, I created the three characters who are the 'stars' of my current space opera series, the first volume of which I've just complete a third draft of and submitted to Angry Robot books through the Open Door for submissions in Nov./Dec. '17. The second books is 52k words and the third is summarised. I've grown to love these characters, and have received some very favourable feedback on them from the Reading Excuses writing group, and others, all growing out of this writing prompt, or certainly taking off from it, and the prompts that followed. Go Writing Excuses (and Reading Excuses)!! :) 

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On 17/01/2018 at 7:48 AM, RogueWriter said:

The writing prompt was a sentence of sorts: "She died." And that was all we were given. We could work backwards from there or forwards. I think my best writing came from that prompt.

Interesting... My first thought about that prompt was the danger of 'fridging', which is a thing that happens all the time, and more often than it should.

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