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[OB] My journey begins!


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Welcome to the Shard :)

So long as you are in the right forum, you shouldn't need spoiler tags. Some people use them anyways, just in case someone wanders in by accident.

To answer your question, Honour's Perpendicularity is a transition point between the physical, cognitive and spiritual realm.

There is a hell of a lot more to the story than that, but it all depends... how deep do you want to go? :)

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Perpendicularities are where there are such concentrations of investiture that they pierce all three Realms--the Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual.  They're sometimes also called Shardpools, even though they're not always actual physical pools of "water".

Because the perps pierce all three Realms, they allow travel between those Realms.


Honor's Perpendicularity would be a place where enough of Honor's particular flavor of power is concentrated to the point where it pierces the Realms.  It, by itself, does not represent a threat to Odium.  However, the fact that Dalinar could summon it has a large amount of significance that we don't wholly understand.

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Welcome, and be careful of that cookie, its not as innocent as it looks. 

The most relevant part of Honor's perpendicularity is it refills massive stormlight, and makes the Elsecaller and maybe Lightweaver and Willshaper surges massively powerful. The other relevant part at an individual level is it hints Dalinar just gained a lot of power, maybe even more than he would have normally gained from that third oath.

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