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Liar of Partinel info

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Brandon recently spoke about Liar of Partinel (Hoids origin story) in an episode of his Writing Excuses podcast. I think this is something I'm allowed to post, since it is accessible for everyone, but I'll spoiler tag it to be on the safe side. Interesting stuff Brandon said (possible spoilers for Liar of Partinel, though I doubt Brandon spoiled anything major in a podcast):


-Hoid pretended to be someone else for a big part of the book. This persona was kinda bland, on purpose.

-Nothing worked. The magic, the worldbuilding, the characters. It was all bad.

-Brandons current plan is to write it a bit like Name of the Wind, with Hoid having a flashback/telling someone his origin story. 

-It was hard to turn Hoid from side character to main character.


I don't know how much of this is general knowledge, but I found it interesting.

Here is the link to the episode, if anyone is interested:



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That he didn't like how it turned out is generally known, at least to people who dig into this sort of information since Brandon has mentioned it on his blog, at events and in WoBs. He's also mentioned that the attempt to cannibalize Aether of Night's magic system didn't work out like he wanted it to, and even if it had that's become null and void since that book's going to be rewritten too. The stuff about his current plan and the specifics of writing Hoid are new and neat. And yet, as exciting as it is to hear him mention it at all, I know it's going to be a looooong time before we get to see it. xD

But that's okay, I trust that by the time it actually happens Brandon will be able to make it work spectacularly and give Hoid the origin story he deserves.

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