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How do I obtain the prose of White Sand?

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9 hours ago, .50 Caliber Gentleman said:

I think it's also in Arcanum, though perhaps the one in Arcanum is different/shortened. Is the prose version the one that covers the most material?

The part that is in Arcanum Unbounded is the first fifth or so of the prose version of the story.

Edit: I realized I was being generous with my guess

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I had signed up for the news letter back in August, just to read the prose, and I guess I did something wrong, because I haven't received any newsletters yet. I did it again today, so hopefully one comes out soon, because I really want to read it!

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34 minutes ago, Bean Delphiki said:

Thanks! I found the email and subscribed to the newsletter, but I don't see any way to get the prose, do I just need to wait or is there something else I need to do?

In. You email, I received a sign up confirmation email that contained what was then the most recent newsletter. 

At the top of the letter there's a breakdown by section, which listed the white sand download, going down into the newsletter that section HD a link that said "click this link." 

Click. Download. Win. 

Don't know if it's still there, as for some reason I haven't continued to get the newsletter. 

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