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Nightblood liking Lift in Edgedancer


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First time poster. I just finished Oathbringer (no spoilers in this thread), and it got me thinking back to Edgedancer. As far as I can tell, Nightblood's personality is usually driven by a need to kill/destroy evil. Although I have not read Warbreaker, I do have the Nighblood dialogue in Oathbringer to base this off of. The need for destruction made it seem very odd to me that Nightblood "liked" Lift in Edgedancer. I do not believe Nightblood indicates he likes anyone else, perhaps Szeth (but even then not directly), in Oathbringer. So my question is why? Why does Nightblood like Lift? I did a search and couldn't find an answer so I thought I would post. My only semblance of a theory is the fact that Lift has a stronger than normal presence in the cognitive realm, but I do not know why that would make Nightblood like her. Anyone else know of something I have missed, or perhaps have more insight into Nightblood's motivations from reading Warbreaker?

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hmmm lets see 
possibilitie reasons:

  •  she is a radiant , no cos he....it? .... NB doesnt display anything like that to the rest of the radiants 
  • she is an edgedancer, possible but i wouldnt bet on it , i dont know why edgedancers in particular would be more liked by nightblood than the other orders 
  • she is invested by cultivation , this is what i'd put my money on 
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5 hours ago, Drake Marshall said:

Because Lift and Nightblood are both eternally hungry?

That's some funny rust brother!

I think the real reason is that Nightblood is a sentient deathless living sword, and he's been around some pretty serious people. As Nightblood would say "She's deevy" and more importantly not boring.

If anyone is interested, I wrote a pilot episode for a Rosharan sitcom about Szeth, Nightblood and Lift sharing an apartment in Urithiru, which I think clarifies this dynamic in a humorous vein.

Could totally use another episode if anyone is feeling particularly inspired to explore this dynamic further (which I think is one of the funniest dynamics in all of Epic Fantasy)

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