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Autonomy Theory


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Potential Oathbringer Spoilers

So this is very much a crackpot theory, and I highly doubt this is actually the case. But let me explain.

Brandon has stated that gender does not need to be associated much with Bavadin, stating that entire Pantheons are in fact Autonomy's Shardholder. And in the second letter in Oathbringer, it is assumed that Bavadin wrote it. The way she/he referred to itself was as "We", due to the various personalities it seems to have split itself into with its potential empire of planets.

This is very much a guess, but could Bavadin have had a split personality disorder? And when Bavadin ascended, these different personalities multiplied into the different avatars that now rule and are worshipped across the cosmere. Could this have been a side effect of Ascending, or is it just something that is potentially unique to the Autonomy Shard?


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I concur. It does strongly seem that an existing disorder in the individual who took up the Autonomy shard might be amplified by this Intent. Kind of, wanting to be separate from the other personalities. The other thought I had on this is if the individual was also a shapeshifter, dragon, or changeling of some kind, a powerful Intent of Autonomy might give them issues similar to Shallan trying to stay the same person while lightweaving. Shallan might be a Bavadin foreshadow. Brandon said he was having a lot of fun with Bavadin's potential, so maybe Shallan's issues are an exploration into that mindset.

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