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Hello, I am here, but like, for reals this time.

Common Draccus

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Hi there. I'm Nathan. I made this account a year and some change ago, made an introduction post, and promptly forgot about it. Anyways, I'm back because I want to read the theories of people smarter than I am about the new information we've gotten from Oathbringer. Maybe I'll contribute to the discussion, maybe I'll just lurk, who knows. life is full of surprises. My favorite Cosmere book is probably Oathbringer, but that could just be because It's what I've read most recently. Before I read Oathbringer my favorite was Warbreaker. So maybe that one is still my favorite. Self-awareness isn't one of my strong suits. My favorite non-Cosmere book is The Name of the Wind (see username).  I'm 19. I'm a freshman at Utah State University, and I'm studying history and anthropology, because being employable is for nerds. I like music a lot, and I mostly play guitar, but am also semi-competent at mandolin and banjo.

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