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I've been a fantasy genre only book reading fan for nearly 20 years reading or listening to audio books daily, I've honestly long ago lost count on how many authors work I've read let alone how many books I've read. I do know it would be an impressive list if recorded. My favourite sub genre is definitely grim dark and some of my favourite authors are Tolkien, Steven Erikson and some of esselmomts work, glen cook, David farland, Tom Lloyd. David Gemmel, Raymond Feist, Robert Jordan, moorcock. 

 I'm very impressed with the storm light archive. It's raising the bar to a new level with high fantasy and I'm looking for people to talk to debate with or even plate and blade clash with over the course of the series. All in a proper fun way of course 

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Just now, Ookla the Noble said:

Don't take cookies unless you trust the source...

@Ookla the Capricious, for one, is not a trustworthy source. I have yet to identify other salesmen of the Dark Alley, but I know there are others.

I am wounded that you would ever consider me untrustworthy. When have I lied to you? Also all of the cookies sold/given/distributed are perfectly safe*.

*usual DA disclaimer applies.

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