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Rosharan System Image in Arcanum Unbounded (image included)



Each system in the book features an accompanying image. 

I love the the look of the Rosharan System, but it seems wrong. There are ten circles which makes sense (10 heralds with Honorblades...I think?), but there’s only 5 actual swords. 

Is it because ten swords in the image would be way too much, does the blade of a sword count as one?

...Am I overthinking it??



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That symbol is the Double Eye of the Almighty, a fairly common Vorin symbol which is known for being the symbol of the Knights Radiant. The symbol has also been integrated into other artworks including the surge chart and Navani's emotion bracelet. 

Not sure about only being five swords. I feel like it might've been stylistic to avoid overcrowding. That symbol does appear Words of Radiance as a chapter heading.

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