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Investiture lost during Hemalurgy



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On 11/12/2017 at 7:16 PM, Cowmanthethird said:
On 11/12/2017 at 5:26 PM, MacThorsten said:

We know that Hemalurgy is a end negative magic system, my question is where does the lost investiture go? Does it dissipate into the spiritual realm?

I would swear there's a WoB that answers this but I can't find it anywhere, even with the new Arcanum.

To the best of my memory though; Yes, the investiture just leaks out into the Spiritual Realm and eventually goes back to the Shard it came from.

It's within Pagerunner's Reddit WoB Database(that I cannot view at present.. might just be my pc acting up, try the link yourself)

But the line I absolutely remember from it(semi-verbatim):
Brandon: What happens to someone's body when it's not being used by them? The system is meant to work like that.

Edit: I found it in Arcanum(you won't be happy when you hear what I had to do to find it :))


Brandon Sanderson
Investiture can not be created or destroyed. It follows it's own version of the laws of Thermodynamics.

So what happens to the investiture that is lost when a person is spiked and the spike isn't set in the new person immediately? Does it return to the big pool of investiture in the sky like the power from wheel of time where if its not actively being used it returns to the source?

Brandon Sanderson
What happens to someone's body when it's not being used by a particular person? The system is built to work like that.

I searched for entries that contained the word "body" and did a ctrl+f search for the word "used." As it turns out, I remembered the line very well.

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