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[OB] Stormcast: Oathbringer ch 10-12

Mason Wheeler

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In which Kaladin asks Syl where little spren come from but doesn't appreciate her trying to talk about his own sex life, the Blackthorn does something monstrous to win his Shardblade, Elhokar finally demonstrates some much-needed new maturity, and perhaps the worst thing possible happens at Urithiru.


Sorry this took so long to prepare.  I had trouble getting it recorded this morning, which pushed everything else back by a few hours.  Hopefully it'll be better next week.  Enjoy!

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3 hours ago, Mason Wheeler said:

Then what was Dalinar doing with it in the intervening time?

Dalinar had two Shardplates in TWoKs remember? He has the one he gave Renarin and then Adolin had the one from his mother. Renarin got the plate Dalinar is wearing in this last flashback. As for what Dalinar was doing in the intervening time, you will see in more flashbacks. ^_^

Minor spoiler. 


I read the four Unfettered Two flashbacks a year ago. Dalinar will meet his wife in the next one. 


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