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Temporary moderator changes


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I thought about posting this directly to the Email List thread, but figured a new topic might be easier to see/more likely to be seen.

Between Sept 6 and Nov 30, I will be travelling and in and out of reliable Internet access (although I am expecting to be more-or-less back to normal as far as the forums are concerned by about mid-October). Robinski has graciously agreed to be my backup and will have full counting-to-five and list-adding privileges while I'm away. I'll certainly be checking the forums when I'm able but Robinski is going to be the primary contact for that time. (Thanks, Robinski!)

For those just joining, I've updated the guidelines to ask that they PM both Robinski and me with their email addresses and it will most likely be Robinski adding them to the list until about Oct 15-ish, but other than that it should pretty much be business as usual.


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