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Hi everyone! Just made an account and excited to start foruming.

A while ago, when "A Memory Of Light" was released, I read the whole wheel of time series (which was an awesome series), anyways I didn't realize about Brandon Sanderson until quite a while later when I started reading "The Reckoners" series. From there, I started looking for more books by Sanderson.


Ive read:

-Elantris, The emperors soul

-Every mistborn/wax and Wayne book including SH, and The eleventh metal. Haven't got around to Allomancer Jac yet.

-Almost done Way Of Kings. 

I have the Arcanum Unbound book, ready to finish that off.

Looking forward to theories, questions and more!

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1 hour ago, Sami said:

Welcome! Here's an upvote!

What is your favorite character so far, and how are you finding WoK? 

Thanks! It's hard to pick, there's so many amazing characters and stories. I would have to say though, Kaladin and Kelsier are along my top few. Although Wax, Wayne, Vin, Shallan and TenSoon follow close behind.


Im really enjoying WOK, when I started I expected something similar to The Wheel Of Time, but I found something unique in its own way. I'm at the part where Sadeas is about to reveal something so NO SPOILERS ;)

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