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Ahoy 'Hoy!


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Just joined officially today.....been reading this site over the past couple years but never had reason to comment as all my questions/theories are usually answered/confirmed via reading the discussion threads....well done & thank you to all! I'm more of a RAFO and patiently impatiently wait until Oathbringer, Elantris 2 & Warbreaker 2 all get released.....still waiting on GRRM too for Winds of Winter...but i've got faith in Brandon's work ethic and track record of getting us all amazing content just when we need it.


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*sigh* ---no love yet...was hoping to chip a tooth on a spiked delicious cookie....one day @nagol99 you'll be somebody....just keep thinking of the struggles of Bridge 4 as motivation....keep dreaming of that cookie....you can do this :angry: *insert 80's montage music*

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