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  1. we all have this affliction....only cure is to RAFO.....lol....happy reading....Warbreaker is still one of my all time good reads of Sanderson even after reading Stormlight 1 & 2, Mistborn era 1 and Elantris.....currently reading Alloy of Law (mistborn era 2)....i'm impatiently waiting till Warbreaker 2 comes out in 5-6 years welcome to the family
  2. no truer words have ever been written....well done sir, well done indeed
  3. wouldn't the spike have significantly less power as it was just sitting around and not "protected" with blood? i remember reading somewhere that the longer the spike was out the less effective it would be or something...unless being an Inquisitor negates this somehow like Koloss using spikes to make new Koloss & blessings for Kandra & such.....maybe i just answered my own question....*brain hurting*
  4. not sure if this is coined or officially approved by the masses...but "Sandersonions" seems to be a great genus species identifier here Homo-Sapiens -> Homo-Sandersonions ....not sure it's as cool as Homo-Sapiens -> Homo-Superior (X-men) (and in no way was this meant to be taken in the 3rd grade vernacular....grow up people) ....oh and Welcome to the Forum!
  5. not sure where i read this....maybe from Brandon's "State of Sanderson 2016"....and the Wiki https://coppermind.net/wiki/Mistborn_(series) Mistborn Era 1: Final Empire Series(first 3 books), feudalism/Renaissance technology Mistborn Era 1.5 2: Wax/Wayne Series (4 books) pre-industrial/Wild West technology Mistborn Era 2.5: Brandon has also said that he may do some more stories before the second third trilogy, set in a 1940's society Mistborn Era 3: early computer age with 1980s technology Mistborn Era 4: The third trilogy is going to be a space-opera with Allomancy powered faster-than-light technology.
  6. I agree with this larger plan to see if 2 shards can combine to possibly face Odium......but long way to go till Mistborn era 3 & Stormlight 10 and even Dragonsteel to give us answers we need on Hoid's motivations....either way its going to be a heck of a ride!
  7. tangent to the dicsussion....well done to all who have added to this discussion....this thread pretty much sums up why I love this site....pure awesome. Warbreaker is my favorite so far so unfortunate we have to wait SOOO long to dive back into this world....we have to wait for Wax/Wayne 4, then Elantris 2, then Stormlight 4...then possibly Wite Sand 2, then maybe a Warbreaker 2 novel....plus this is all between Alcatraz, Legion, Rithmatist, Apocalypse Guard and i'm sure countless others that aren't on his lists yet..... (OK off my soapbox now....there are WAY less things to be concerned about as all of these series/books listed are amazing) ...but hey....my $$$ is on Brandon to publish a Warbreaker novel before we see GRRM's A Dream of Spring....
  8. lol. Yeah I've been reading this site for a couple years now as I slog journey* through all of Brandon's works to confirm theories and to find Cosmere eater eggs I missed while power reading....but yea I actually "joined" to get a copy of "Aether of Night"....really just needed a reason to join up... really glad I did and can connect with fellow "Sanderson-ions" ...."slog" sounds too tough here....my brain isn't braining yet today....."Hey Google.....find me a word describing an epic journey of discovery and enlightenment"...... Google Response: journey" ... ok google...you win this time....
  9. Howdy Howdy Howdy....welcome to the @Stampede ...wait this is all getting to be pretty Meta....how can you be in a stampede with @Stampede
  10. *sigh* ---no love yet...was hoping to chip a tooth on a spiked delicious cookie....one day @nagol99 you'll be somebody....just keep thinking of the struggles of Bridge 4 as motivation....keep dreaming of that cookie....you can do this *insert 80's montage music*
  11. upvote just for the outstanding name....well done sir....well done indeed.
  12. Just joined officially today.....been reading this site over the past couple years but never had reason to comment as all my questions/theories are usually answered/confirmed via reading the discussion threads....well done & thank you to all! I'm more of a RAFO and patiently impatiently wait until Oathbringer, Elantris 2 & Warbreaker 2 all get released.....still waiting on GRRM too for Winds of Winter...but i've got faith in Brandon's work ethic and track record of getting us all amazing content just when we need it. >>NAGOL99<<
  13. thanks for the conformation, that's what I assumed...still excited to dive into it!
  14. Just received my digital copy of Aether of Night (AoN)....reading Brandon's preface left me unsure as to the official inclusion of this story into the Cosmere? Is this story part of the Cosmere or just a deep track into early works of Sanderson and not to be considered Cosmere as it's not officially published anywhere? Maybe this has been answered somewhere, but a quick search on my end didn't come up with anything conclusive. thanks! >>NAGOL99<<
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