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Color coding


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If this is somewhere then please, let me know.

So, I like to type out my posts in full, inserting the italics, bold or spoiler tags as I can to save time. The only one I've been having trouble with has been the color coding. I've found out blue, red and purple through accident, by quoting other posts which contained those particular codes, but it would be helpful if there was a list on here somewhere saying what, exactly, the coding for each color was; that way, I'd at least have a quick cheat sheet to fall back on.

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Huh. Wilson has a list. How completely unexpected.


Elimination game jokes aside, thanks. That's a lot of help; as I said, I've made myself memorise the codes for Blue and Red, because that's what we need for the game, but having a list like that (especially one I can quickly refer to) is a huge help. Thanks!

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