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Words of Radiance Updated Edition?

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I first bought "Words of Radiance" pretty soon after it came out in 2014, so the hardcover edition I have is gigantic in width. I think that's awesome, but it's also worn down the spinal integrity quite a bit. Regardless, I've noticed in book stores that they're selling hardcover editions that are a lot more compact, with width closer to my "The Way of Kings" hardcover. It looks awesome (sorry I'm a bit of an aesthetic-freak for books haha), plus I think the smaller spine will endure better (presumably why they fixed it), and I've highly considered buying it a month or so before "Oathbringer" for my re-read of the series. That said, I've noticed that even in these editions, the scene Sanderson changed post-publication (Spoiler tag below)...


At the very end, concerning changes to how Kaladin ends his fight with Szeth

...remain unchanged (true to the original publication). I was wondering if there were any editions of "Words of Radiance" that include the updated scene, or if that was just something he intended for the online community? 

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I think the updated scenes are found in the paperback and maybe Kindle editions of the book. Not sure what year the new hardback you bought was published. I bought a hardback version of the book on Amazon last fall and it still had the original scene without any changes. I think the hardback versions have remained unchanged. 

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