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Nightblood rendered in copper and acrylic


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I posted this in the gallery too, so I'm sorry if I shouldn't be putting it here too, but I had to show off a bit of artwork I did in the hospital. They gave us copper sheets to work with, and I just pulled up the image I'd made of Nightblood before and went to work. Not quite sure I'm finished or won't try again, but it looks pretty cool.Image_4.thumb.jpg.eecef03c143eeb2ae4482c5f992bc195.jpg

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57 minutes ago, ryshadium90 said:

Hope treatment is working. And they just had copper lying around? Interesting: way to use your surroundings!

They had it for arts and crafts to help us cope, among other things. :)

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1 hour ago, Arraenae said:

How did you make this? It looks really nice.


On 5/17/2017 at 9:15 AM, Jondesu said:

Just used blunt tools to push the design into a copper sheet and then painted it with black acrylic paint.

Quoted from the gallery post.

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