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I am not new!!! (Lie) ... I just don't like being generic


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I am Lord Lion, I live in New Zealand and I have not read Mistborn.

I first read Brandon Sanderson accidentally... it was 2013 Here I was reading The Wheel of Time and all of a sudden the writing became more awesome and the characters became more interesting. I went to find a place to tell Robert Jordan how amazing his books are just to find out he died a while ago... Heartbroken I researched into the man who finished the series some strange man named "Brandon Sanderson". A little more digging I picked up The Way of Kings and the rest is history.

Anyway, Steel Heart is my favourite and blue is my favourite colour.

Any questions?

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Thanks for the cookies and the upvotes,

21 hours ago, ryshadium90 said:

New Zealand! Are you an LOTR fan?

I am a fan of LoTR as much as the next guy. I loved the Movies, Loved the book of the hobbit but honestly, the actual trilogy of LoTR felt kinda stretched out... still good though...

16 hours ago, StrikerEZ said:

Welcome to the Shard! Have a cookie!

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It's a Mistborn joke because it's spiked. Please read Mistborn.

Which Sanderson books have you read? Which ones has been your favorite?


What books of Sanderson have I actually read? I read The Wheel of Time, Etlantris, White Sand, The Stormlight Archive, Arcanum Unbound, The Rithmatist, The Reckoners, The Emporer's Soul, Legion (haven't read Legion: Skin Deep... yet), and I have also read the assorted little short stories he has on his website. Basically everything except Mistborn, Infinity Blade and Evil librarians. I think I missed something but that's me trying to flaunt my Brandon Sanderson knowledge... Favourite one? Reckoners for sure especially the first book, I was sooo happy when he announced the sequels and though they weren't as good as the first it was a very satisfying read.  

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