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Cosmere Graphical Timeline


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I don't think so. We know events in each book series, such as how long Alloy of Law takes place after after Mistborn, or that the previous desolation was 4,500 years before the current timeline in Stormlight Archive. We also have a very rough outline of where books fit together- Way of Kings is sometime after Elantris- and Brandon has mentioned that the books published so far have been-roughly- in a chronological order. 


Even so, I think there are far too many gaps to be constructing a detailed timeline yet. For instance, we don't know how long Honour and Cultivation were invested on Roshar before Odium appeared, how many Desolations there were until the Heralds or how much time passed between them. Then we'd have to dial backwards from there towards whenever Adonalsium shattered.


At the moment there are too many blank spaces I think, though some sort of a rough timeline might be applicable.

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Yeah, we know quite a bit. Elantris came first (only because Dragonsteel and Liar of Partinel aren't released), Then Mistborn, then something like WoK and Warbreaker are close to each other, and then AoL. I can try to find the quotes for you. 


INTERVIEW: Oct 15th, 201017TH SHARD

Okay, next question. How is The Way of Kings related to the rest of the cosmere? What point in time is it?


Oh, so far I have written the books/series chronologically. Though, I have skipped books...



I know there is another quote right from Brandon, but I cannot find it. The others info he gives on it is that he is planning to release a timeline for us, but not yet. Fingers crossed we get one tomorrow!



We have conflicting reports on chronology. Is this right, or is this right?


The second. I revised my placement of KINGS relative to HERO after realizing a behind-the-scenes conflict.

ALLOY had to happen after KINGS for Cosmere reasons. I had two timelines arguing, and in plotting Stormlight 2, I fixed this.



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