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Future Knights Radiant


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With all that we have read from the chapter/interlude releases, it seems like spren and future Radiants are coming out the wahzoo!


So my question is, based on the Divine Attributes that Knight Radiants exhibit and the idea that there is usually some sort of struggle with one or both of the attributes, who do you think has the right stuff to be one of the lustrous heroes? Or, who do you want to be one?


I figure Moash would make a good Dustbringer since he is very Brave but I would say he definitely has to work on being Obedient. 


We know Renarin has a spren somewhere, so he might be a Just person who really needs to work on his Confidence. I foresee a future Skybreaker in the works.


I would love to see Lopen become a Radiant. Just think of all the things that would come out of his mouth! I think he has the potential for a Lightweaver. Sure he is not Creative in the same way as Shallan, but the things he says hint for me a creative mind in his words. And maybe he hasn't been quite honest with how he lost his arm or why he was sent to the bridge crews.


So who would you choose?


I apologize if this has been done before.

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I'd make Moash a Stoneward because of the Radiant Order BFFs theory, but I don't think he fits Dependable/Resourceful. Your Dustbringer idea is better.

Is anyone actually dependable? I need to find Kaladin a BFF for the theory. Lopen maybe. He always has cousins to do things. That's dependable, right?

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