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Tips tricks and newness


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Hi everyone I'm extremely new and I wanted to know if there were any tips or tricks I should know or what the rules are. Not to mention what are the cookies? By the way I can't eat them because I'm giving up chocolate for lent :(  really should have thought that one through more.

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Welcome to the Shard! So first off, don't eat the cookies. It's for your own Preservation. If you don't, then you might start hearing these voices...

Another thing, you see your title? It probably says spren. You can change it by getting up votes. You also have a rank that you can change in you profile to whatever you want.

And simply a policy on the forums: be courteous of others. Don't start wars or anything. Feel free to express your thoughts, check out the theories, make your own, etc.

I hope you aren't eaten by chasmfiends!

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Hello and welcome to the Shard! Have an up vote.

If you want to put something on the bottom/create a signature, click on where your name shows up in the top right corner. After that, click "account settings", from there you click "signature".

The cookies are a confection created by The Dark Alley. As to why they are dangerous, the way they are spiked filled with flavor can be overwhelming. It's best to avoid them.

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Hi @chop_ninja2 welcome to the Shard!

If you want to give a shout out to someone in a thread without having to quote them on something just press shift on 2 to get the @ button out and put a name in, that way the name will stick out in your post. Anyway, yes, you don't have to worry about the cookies - they don't have any chocolate in them. It's tasty goodness comes from that sadomasochistic pleasure you get from ramming the cookie right down into your spine where they mess up your spiritweb and provide you all sorts of powers and communion to Harmony along with, er I mean, they're pure wheat and oatmeal with tasty, tasty glazed sugar! Zero carbs and fats! Perfect for losing weight and sapience and all that dietary stuff.

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Hi everyone who replied.

thankyou all for replying and giving me advice it's really helping me. And thankyou everyone for making me a dark eyes with you upvotes. 



a curious (ninja) scholar of the cosmos 

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I couldn't spell curious
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@Rage why should I eat those cookies? Do they contain metal?I'm quite partial to eating copper myself. Or do they contain gem stones? I'm also quite partial to eating infused sapphires everynow and then. Or do they contain charcoal? I'm quite into eating a fogoten as they taste absolutely scrumptious.


as you can see I have quite a food palate.

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