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Maybe this better fits the Tech discussion forum, or the creative corner...? :wacko:

Anyway. I've been batting around the idea of doing a blog for a while now. I have a bit of a tendency to ramble and de-rail topics start talking at length about stuff I'm interested in; typically comic books, sometimes anime, representation, or whatever. Well..

I'm kind of considering actually starting a blog... but I'm kind of running into a roadblock.
(A few road blocks, actually, starting with "I have no idea how to make worthwhile content", but that's a whole other topic... )

Anyway, the main problem I've got right now is... I have no idea how to start a blog. I know there are a few websites that can be used for that kind of stuff  -WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr- but I don't really know how any of those three work, what would be a good one to use... you know, foundational sort of stuff. So... figured I'd ask here:

Anyone got any advice on how to start something like this, or where to do so?
(I also more than invite topic suggestions :ph34r:)

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I think Wordpress is kind of too big and complicated for a blog. From my experience it's better for sites. I think blogspot would be fine.

As for topics, I suggest gathering your old posts about stuff, refining it a little and that should be just fine. (for example, the Xorn thing?)

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I have heard that WordPress is the best, but I had always find it too complicated, I have used Blogger which is pretty easy to use but not so good, so I would recommended you blogger or blogspot if you haven´t use any before.

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